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We see disruption all around us- March 2, 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

so why do we seem surprised when it impacts our careers and professions?

Our research and experience suggests that our chosen professions being threatened with extinction is one of the big 4 'existential' crises we are all likely to face at some point. This article by Ravin Jesuthasan, CFA, FRSA talks to this challenge. In research for our book #ACareerCarol, we find three interesting influences which amplify this challenge: 1 - Did you know that scientists have found that repetitive 'boring' tasks actually result in humans closing down parts of our brains. We anesthetize ourselves! 2 - 10-20 years into our careers, our lives tend to become more 'dispersed.' We juggle an increasing number of plates. As a consequence, we tend to place less emphasis on renewing and updating our career skills. 3 - And to reinforce Ravin's research, McKinsey have predicted 375 million jobs may be replaced by AI by 2030. Navigating this threat requires us to maintain that spark of curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. It also requires us to seek inspiration. We think this last part is particularly challenging in a COVID/Post Covid world where serendipitous interactions are harder to come by. What are your thoughts?

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