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Update on A Career Carol launch #1

We are still completing our apprenticeships as authors. We are learning a lot about the process of writing, publishing, and promoting a book. A big first lesson is that it takes time! Of course the writing process takes time. However, its the behind the scenes work with the publisher, production, promotion, distribution, and miscellaneous administration that has been eye-opening.

However, we wanted to give you all a rough sketch of where we are and when we believe the book is likely to be available for pre-orders. One big caveat here is that some of these dates may move a little. There is a small village of plate jugglers helping us down the road to publication and while we hope no plates get dropped, some crockery could still get damaged.

May 2023 - Book Cover unveil.

We plan to share the book cover next month.

June or July 2023 - Book pre-orders

There will be a window to pre-order the book via the publisher and Amazon sites. We will give you all advance warning of this. Post official launch, A Career Carol will be available via all major UK and USA book retailers.

Official LAUNCH Date TBD

At present we believe the window for the book's official launch will be July - September.

We are excited about an accompanying A Career Carol book publicity virtual tour - we have met with some quite brilliant people who really like the book and want to help us promote it in the USA, UK, and Austria. We will share more on this closer to the time.

We will share further updates as soon as we have them. In the meantime, we both want to thank you for your interest and support.

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