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October Newsletter - Website Subscribers Exclusive

We have been writing our monthly newsletter now for 6 months.

We like to produce writing that we think is interesting, helpful, entertaining, and, well, nicely presented. The PDF version of our newsletter allows us to present the content in a very pleasing format.

Our website subscribers have given us permission to send this pdf to their emails. Consequently, we think it makes sense (a) to reward our website subscribers with the newsletter as their exclusive content, and (b) not compromise any longer on reformatting it for LinkedIn.

So, from this month, the only way to get our newsletter will be via the website email submissions.

We enjoy writing this content and hope you like the results. Perhaps you could pass that on for us and tell others to sign up if they haven't already.

PS: If you would like back copies, just subscribe and then email us in the enquiry section.

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