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Looking at Career Advice from a more humanistic perspective - March 22, 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

When we started our writing collaboration we set out to address subjects that we felt were in need of a refresh, concepts that were outdated, or subjects that seemed to have had a very narrow focus. Our first book #ACareerCarol tackles career advice. On its surface, a subject that has been widely covered over the years. However, we believe the available commentary is rather narrow and misses some critical contemporary context. The majority of career advice seems to be focused on two components: 1- Employability - How to get a first job or how to upgrade your current job 2 - Return on investment - Formulas for how to maximize your return from a career What struck us was that as important as these 'skills' can be, they seem to miss the human component. A lot of the conversations we have with colleagues and NextGen leaders are centered on anxiety that stems from much deeper subjects. Questions of personal identity, values, and purpose. In short, the essential life questions we all ask ourselves about who we are and how to be happy. The world seems to have gotten far more complex. The proliferation of social media, the advent of 'post truth' commentaries, global conflict, pandemic, along with what looks like a tough immediate economic cycle, have contributed to heightened stress for everyone, but particularly those just beginning their careers. Our conclusion was that now would be a good time to provide some advice reframing the subject of career advice. Something that looks at careers much more from a person-centric perspective. #ACareerCarol sets out with this goal. While also embracing our triple commitments to be relevant, pragmatic, and entertaining.

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