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Dr Schuster reflects on moving from 'ONE DAY' to 'DAY ONE'!

I have always, and by always I mean since my teenage years, toyed with idea of writing a book. 'One day', I thought to myself.

For many years, I gathered potential ideas, book titles and invested lots of time to research and explore topics relating to the concepts. However, it took a breakfast last summer and a conversation to move from one day to 'DAY ONE'.

It was commitment time.

Thank you, David Oxley, for becoming my co-author and for doing so much of the work. In less than 6 months, 'A Career Carol’ was researched, written and submitted to our publisher Austin Macauley.

Ever since then, many friends have asked me what kind of book this is and who the target audience is. Well, let me try to outline what this book is all about - and hopefully draw your interest!

For me personally, the main purpose of this book is to help create clarity in one’s decision process around career goals and, subsequently, life choices. The book is mainly aimed at GenZ and young Millennials. However, as we wrote the book, it became clear that it probably had a much broader appeal.

So why is it different from the thousands of self-help, career advise, and leadership books?

The book has two parts, visualizations, and is clearly structured. The book has succinct chapter summaries. We focus on four key themes that anchor the book. We've also augmented our advice with interviews of some leading GenZ innovators.

Part one of the book is the story and adventures of Shey, shortly before his graduation day. The drawings of Andy Baker bring to life the characters of the story and illustrate key choices that appear in Shey’s thoughts and dreams.

Part two explores the answers to the questions raised in the story. Distilling and summarizing the key inflection points. The key message to draw out is that it does not often matter what choice one makes, so long as it is thought through and a conscious decision. Too often in life, we drift!

The four key inflection points the book deals with are as follows.

1. Failure to launch.

The fear of taking the first career step.

2. Gilded cage.

The reality of finding yourself in a career trap – well paid, unfulfilling but used to the standard of living this career affords you.

3. Blind Faith.

Unwarranted trust in your education and the belief that it will guarantee professional success – missing the reality of quickly past knowledge becomes obsolete, as does the navigation of this dilemma.

4. Lost Purpose.

The consequences of losing sight of one's moral compass and ethical anchors - and how to maintain integrity.

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Picture: A special preview of A Career Carol illustration work courtesy of Andy 'Doodles' Baker

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