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Contrary to what you might think …Promotions and pay raises don't make you happy - Feb 23, 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Do promotions make you happier? Does a pay rise or a new title? This article by Charlotte Seager amplifies our own experiences. One of the great traps that lies in store for most of us is getting confused by our professional purpose. It is very easy to become so absorbed in the competition of climbing corporate ladders that we come to believe that achieving each new rung will fulfill us. Our experience is that this is a mirage. Understanding your purpose, what truly makes you happy and fulfilled, we think is the key. In some cases, your chosen profession can be your purpose. We know several people who have been able to take a deep conviction about changing the world and make it their careers. However, for many other people, we fall into careers based on available opportunity and simply try to maximize them as best we can. The danger can be making the desire to maximize, allowing the competitive spirit, to become all consuming. We think it is important to know your purpose. Important to examine why you work at the job you do and understand whether it is genuinely your purpose or enables you to do something you truly love. What are you views?

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