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Choosing to and staying on a moral path – It's more difficult than it may sound - March 10, 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Staying grounded and maintaining a moral path throughout your career has always been a difficult task. There have always been distractions and convenient justifications for debatable behavior. Yet between the advent of our so called 'post-truth' world and the deluge of information bombarding us every day, we also have this specter of 'faking it until you make it.' This article by Tim Weiss discusses this last point and asks the question where is the line between selling a concept versus misleading investors. In researching our book #ACareerCarol, we interviewed Gen Z leaders for their views. It was genuinely uplifting to hear how their values and beliefs were their overarching north star. In all cases, they talked to how they had made decisions about their careers and businesses to prioritize purpose over financial maximization. And yet, they also all agreed that it can be difficult to filter fact from fiction...that you have to be wary of who to accept advice from. We think navigating the moral hazards of today’s world is extremely complex and is the fourth of the big existential crises you are likely to face during a career journey.

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