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A Short Story – How Drs Schuster & Oxley came to be - January 2, 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Two friends and former work colleagues were having breakfast one said to the other "you know I've always wanted to write a book. Not just a book, but maybe a series of books. I really think there is a gap, a disconnect, between how many business and leadership subjects are presented and how particularly young professionals consume information." The other responded "would you mind passing the butter?" The first went on..."For example career would you take our experience and make it relevant for Generation Z young professionals. So many things have changed in the last 50 years. And yet, the stories of resilience, of navigating major career crises, they seem evergreen." The hungrier of the two responded "...are you going to eat that croissant?" Passing the croissant..."and it's not just career advice. It's the very nature of business literature that persists in perpetuating concepts and approaches that are anchored in 50-year-old context. In old bureaucratic, hierarchical, paternalistic, and patriarchal terms. And with TikTok, YouTube, people just consume information very differently. I'd like to try to bridge that...write things that are practical, fun, relevant." Through the remnants of the last croissant "will there be good snacks? I'm in if there are. Very important when writing. Can we maybe have donuts?" ....and so Drs Schuster and Oxley came to be.

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