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#A Career Carol – Final Manuscript Delivered March 16, 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

This week we submitted our final manuscript for #ACareerCarol. It will now go through the publisher’s process, and we hope to be able to announce a launch date shortly. This has been a voyage of discovery for both of us. Our experience of the publishing world was peripheral at best until these last 9 months. We have come a long way. Here are some of the things we have learned: 1 - When you are working on something fun, something that really feels meaningful, then even the mundane becomes interesting. 2 - A book has its own life. While the framework and purpose of the book remains, each interview, each discussion, adds additional layers. 3 - The so called 'gig' economy can be really fun...coming together as a consortium of specialist collaborators with the goal of making a book. 4 - You have to dig deep into your subject. We both came to the table believing we had lots of expertise in careers; however, we have learned a great deal more through this project. 5 - There is a lot written about getting jobs but perversely very little about managing careers (into, out of, and between jobs). 6 - Talking to NextGen leaders about long professional careers has been eye opening....the context may have changed but the doubts and anxiety about making good choices are very familiar. Oh, and we've also learned: 7 - Dr Schuster is the more photogenic.....

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